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A few words to the quality

Test laboratory

DIN ISO 9001 certification

Kugellager-Express GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This includes the documentation and optimization of all operational processes, as well as qualification and training of all employees. The focus of our quality management system and important topics of continuous improvements are the incoming goods inspection and the supplier development.

Supplier development

We select our suppliers according to strict criteria and an extensive approval process. But even after a supplier has been approved, we check the delivered goods systematically and record all results for extensive evaluations. We send all deviations and suggestions for optimization to our supplies. Our goal is a positive development of all suppliers and a good partnership.

Incoming goods inspection

Clearance and concentricity measurement

We check all relevant features in the incoming goods inspection. With special devices we have the possibility to measure the internal clearance and concentricity.

Bearing clearance tester
Keyence measuring device

Dimensional measurement

We check all incoming goods. In addition to classic tactile measuring equipment, we also use optical measuring systems for the main dimensions in order to control larger quantities in a high reproducible, automated and efficient manner.

Vibration measurement

The noise level that the ball bearings generate is also a decisive criterion for many applications. For this we use BVT machines (Bearing Vibration Tester), which measure the noise emission and sort the bearings into so-called V-classes.

Bearing Vibration Tester
RFA analysator

Chemical analysis

For some of our customers, the corrosion resistance of bearings is an important requirement. To ensure this, we use an XRF device (X-ray fluorescence analysis) with which we can reliably determine the chemical composition of our products.

Quality cirlce

CAQ-System (Computer-aided quality system)

The recorded measurement values are mainly transferred electronically to our CAQ system, which can be used to carry out extensive evaluations and determine the quality trend.

Monitoring of test equipment

All of our measurement devices are recorded in our CAQ system and get checked and calibrated at defined intervals. Depending on the type of test equipment, we do this either internally or with our partners.


Despite careful selection and development of our suppliers, it is possible that some delivered bearings do not meet our quality standards. In some cases, this defects (especially rust) appear during transportation. For this reason we have extensive options for reworking these parts manually or by machine:

  • rust removal (mechanical and chemical)
  • repair of surface defects (flaws, paint damage)
  • cleaning
  • preservation
Part washer
Part washer
Mass finishing plant
Mass finishing plant

Service life test bench

The bearings we offer are brand-neutral products in so-called "standard quality". In order to find out the qualitative difference to the "premium quality" of the brand manufacturers, we have acquired an endurance test bench. This places a defined load on the bearings lets them run until they break. This makes it possible to compare the bearings with one another and with the theoretical technical data.

Endurance test bench