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Tightening torques insert bearings

Tightening torques of screws

ScrewBearing insertsRecomm.
torques (Nm)
socket SW
M5 x 0,8201-2033,52,5
M6 x 1201-206305-306204-206201-206201-2065,53
M8 x 1207-209307207-209207-210207-21011,54
M10 x 1,25210-213308-309210-213211-212211-215225
M12 x 1,25214-218310-314216-218336
M14 x 1,5315-316427
M16 x 1,5317-319648
M18 x 1,5320-324759
M20 x 1,5326-32812010

Tightening torques of adapter lock nuts

Bearing insertsRecomm.
torques (Nm)
hook spanner
DIN 1810 A
UK 205UK 3052038-45
UK 206UK 3063045-50
UK 207UK 3074052-55
UK 208UK 3085058-62
UK 209UK 3096065-70
UK 210UK3107065-70
UK 211UK 3119568-75
UK 212UK 31212580-90
UK 213UK 31315085-92
UK 215UK 31535098-105
UK 216UK 31640098-105
UK 217UK 317450110-115
UK 218UK 318550120-130
UK 319650120-130
UK 320800120-130
UK 3221050135-145
UK 3241350155-165
UK 3261650155-165
UK 3281900180-195