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Deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are among the most sold bearing types due to their versatility and value for money. Deep groove ball bearings can support radial as well as axial forces. Due to the low frictional torque they are suitable for high speeds.

Deep groove ball bearings with sealing washers on both sides - 2RS: The suffix 2RS behind the type number points to two sealing washers mounted on both sides. These seals are made of rubber-coated sheet steel reinforcements, close on the inner ring with a sealing lip and offer a high protective effect against dirt and moisture. Furthermore, the synthetical rubber material is resistant to a variety of aggressive materials.

Deep groove ball bearings with sealing shields on both sides - ZZ: The suffix ZZ behind the type number points to two sealing shields mounted on both sides. The sealing shields protect the interior of the bearing from the penetration of dirt particles as well as other foreign objects. However, the sealing effect is lower than in the case of the aforementioned sealing washers (suffix RS).

Single or double row as well as full ball deep groove ball bearings without cage are radially higher loadable. Versions with flange or slot and snap ring facilitate installation of the bearing. Bearings with increased internal radial clearance are suitable, for example, for special cases in which there are high temperature differences between the bearing rings. In addition to deep groove ball bearings made of bearing steel, bearings made of stainless steel, all-ceramic and hybrid bearings with ceramic balls are also available.

Deep groove ball bearings - Series

Rillenkugellager-Baureihen im Querschnitt

bearing seriesdescriptionbore (mm)features
600, F600, SS600, SSF600, C600, 600-Vminiature sizes2-92RS, ZZ, TN9, NR, F, SS, C
MR, MF, SSMR, SSMF, CMRminiature sizes2-92RS, ZZ, TN9, NR, F, SS, C
16000very slim series10-2002RS, ZZ, TN9, F, SS
16100very slim series10-122RS, ZZ, TN9, F, SS
63800, 63800-Vthin cross section10-172RS, ZZ, TN9, F, SS
61700 / 6700, SS6700, C6700, F6700ultrathin cross section10-502RS, ZZ, C3,TN9, F, SS, C
61800 / 6800, SS6800, C6800, F6800, 6800-Vvery thin cross section10-2002RS, ZZ, C3, TN9, F, SS, C
61900 / 6900, SS6900, C6900, F6900, 6900-Vthin cross section10-2002RS, ZZ, C3, TN9, F, SS, C
6000, SS6000, CE6000, 6000-Vextra-light series10-2002RS, ZZ, C3, TN9, NR, SS
6200, SS6200, CE6200light series10-2002RS, ZZ, C3, TN9, NR, SS
62200solid series10-502RS, ZZ, C3, TN9, SS
62300solid series10-502RS, ZZ, C3, TN9, SS
6300, SS6300, CE6300medium series10-2002RS, ZZ, C3, TN9, NR, SS
63000solid series10-502RS, C3, TN9, SS
6400solid series17-1002RS, ZZ, C3
R.., SSR..inch-size - light series3,175-31,752RS, ZZ, C3, SS, C
RMS (SKF) / MS (FAG)inch-size - light series15,875-63,52RS, ZZ, C3, SS, C
4200light series (double row)10-1002RS, ZZ, C3, SS, TN9
4300medium series (double row)10-1002RS, ZZ, C3, SS, TN9

Designations for deep groove ball bearings

Bezeichnungsschema Rillenkugellager

Prefixes and Suffixes

2RScontact sealing washers (rubber) on both sidesfor high sealing effect against dirt and moisture | more
ZZcontactless sealing shields (metal) on both sidesfor particularly smooth running | more
C3internal radial clearance greater than normalfor press fits of bearing rings (particularly high speeds) and larger temperature difference between inner- and outer ring | more
TN9plastic cage (special order, only possible in case of larger purchase quantities)for quiet running
SSinner- and outer ring, balls as well as the cage are made of stainless steelfor good corrosion resistance
Chybrid = inner- and outer ring are made of steel and the balls of ceramic (Si3N4)suitable for particularly high speeds, high wear resistance, light, current-insulating
CEall-ceramic = inner- and outer ring as well as the balls are made of ceramic (Si3N4)suitable for particularly extreme high speeds, extreme wear resistance, extreme longevity, very light, current-insulating
Fflange at outer ringallows for axial fixing, e.g. in mounting holes or housings
NRannular slot and snap ringfor form-fitting, axial fixing in a bore
Vfull complement ball setfor higher and impact loads, medium speeds

Information for calculating the bearing bore

Multiply normal deep groove ball bearings from ..04 for the bore diameter by 5:

00 – 10 mm
01 – 12 mm
02 – 15 mm
03 – 17 mm
04 – 4 x 5 mm = 20 mm
05 – 5 x 5 mm = 25 mm