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Entering dimensions correctly

If you were looking for a specific dimension, please enter it as follows: "8x22x7" = inner diameter x outer diameter x width.

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Manufacturers sometimes use different designations for the same designs. In our comparison lists you will find designations of different manufacturers, which stand for the same design. Simply search for the designation you know and enter the ball bearing express designation corresponding to it in the search field.

Comparison list of roller bearings

Comparison list housing bearing units

Comparison list concerning radial shaft seals

Comparison list Spindle bearings/Precision angular ball bearings

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In addition to the filter on the left side of our webshop, you can access a data table in each category, which you can reach through the main menu (blue bar, above). For this you only need to click on the button "Data table" in the respective category. The data table provides an overview of our assortment and is sortable by various storage properties.


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Please send us an individual request with a description of your requirements as detailed as possible, if you ever do not find what you are looking for in our online offering.

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